Shirish Deshpande



Grey Matter-05

24 x 24 inches (length x breadth)
Acrylic on Canvas
Lot No. AR-SH-018

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Shirish Deshpande

Shirish Deshpande has a diploma in Applied Arts from Abhinav Kala Vidyalay, Pune, India. For nearly 3 decades he worked in the field of communication design and graphic design. After years of designing he came to the realization to use his creative potential in a more satisfying manner. Art was a natural progression and it soon became a significant part of his life.

As an artist he refuses to accept the limitations imposed by ‘painting’ rules. He wants to work with as many styles, mediums and subjects as he can. His first few works were with the fine lines of a ball point pen. Deshpande realised that even this challenging medium has a huge potential in allowing the artist to express their thoughts and emotions.

It was however a life changing medical condition which unleased the energy and potential in him as an artist. He now paints with a new vigour and sense of urgency. He does not plan or chalk an image, nor does he use a palette. Just inspired by a certain colour, he pours it directly on to the canvas. He uses large size brushes, a special handmade tool and a roller to spread the colours. While painting, he is just a third person watching the scene unfold. He wants the viewers to understand his inner conflicts, fears, and tensions as well as his aspirations, hopes, and ideals.

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