About Us

Artenblu, formerly Aarasa Art Expressions, is a Bangalore-based art consultancy firm known for curating intelligent art experiences. And for creating a world market for Indian art. While we specialize in contemporary art, our eclectic portfolio spreads across genres.

We believe that art is the human soul given form and colour. And its language is emotion. Founded in 2012, we aspire to make the process of acquiring art an easy, engaging and delightful experience for collectors. As a link between creator and collector, Artenblu offers comprehensive conceptualisation, design and customisation services. We work closely with clients to build unique and meaningful art experiences.

As for artists, we are equally dedicated to providing them with a fair and sustainable platform. We continuously seek innovative ways to raise awareness of and appreciation for art by emerging and established artists. With our deep knowledge of and passion for contemporary art, especially from India, we strive to promote Indian artists globally.

Artenblu further enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space through folk art and bespoke artifacts.


India’s rich tradition of folk art is as old as it is diverse in styles. Artenblu’s latest focus is the revival of folk art. We try to ensure that art lovers have access to this treasure house and that the original artists get recognition and fair compensation for their creations.


Artenblu further enhances the aesthetic appeal of your space through artifacts and bespoke tableware. Artenblu works, first and foremost, with artists, art collectors and art galleries. However, our professional circle also includes interior designers, architects, art lovers, first-time art buyers, hotels, corporates and retailers.

Artenblu continues to redefine the role of an art consultancy firm through customized branding projects. We go to great lengths to understand a client’s needs and help create a unique depth to artistic experiences.

A case in point is a series of beautiful paintings by Anjali Ponni commissioned by us for Dr. Mukta Sachdev’s Dermatology Clinic. The pieces seamlessly incorporated the logo and reflected themes of science to blend in with the space.

At Temple Tree, a boutique hotel, we went beyond curating art in order to understand and develop an exclusive aesthetic for the space. The consultancy has also worked on a collaborative project with interior design firm Cross Currents and artist Paul Fernandez to design a new range of furniture.

For Caravan Craft, a contemporary fashion brand, we commissioned artist V Mohan to create artworks that beautifully combined art and branding to create a powerful and engaging communication tool.