Remya Kumar



Forest Filigree 3

36 x 24 inches (length x breadth)
Acrylic on Canvas
Landscape and Nature
Lot No. AR-RK-028

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Remya Kumar

Remya Kumar is an Architect by professional qualification, but ever since she began seriously painting in 2009, art has become her chosen means of creative expression, and now her profession. She has always found joy in painting and sketching from a young age. However, it was when she began learning art at the Ohio State University (alongside studying for her Masters in Urban Planning) that she realized art was more than just a hobby. She studied creative painting for 7 months under the tutelage of the eminent artist A.V. Ilango.

She loves the challenge of a blank canvas, the promise that it holds, and thrill of experiencing a work of art blossom from that emptiness. In her own words, “Painting for me is most joyous when it is spontaneous and intuitive; Where one stroke of the palette knife beckons the next, one colour asks for another, and the process is unforced. I don’t let my prejudices get in the way of my intuition, and love the happy surprises that happen almost by themselves.”. Her favourite muse – Nature lends itself beautifully to this style of painting.

Kumar now paints from her studio in Bangalore, India. She is being represented by Asian Art Gallery, Boston.

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