Past Events

Jan 2024 – Unfettered

Unfettered – a solo show by artist Amit Srivastava, serves as a tribute to the spirit of modern Indian woman, celebrating her self-reliance, independence & empowerment. Over the past few decades, women have been stepping out of traditional roles to become inspirational figures. 

Set against diverse backdrops, the narrative of the show seamlessly weaves together the shattering of glass ceilings with the moments of unfettered expressions & reflections.

Dec 2023 – Stritva

Stritva – solo art show & live art by artist Saurabh Sadanand Dingare. A vibrant collection of contemporary artworks influenced by Indian culture, where the artist draws inspiration from Maharashtrian traditions and women. The exhibit featured Indian gods and goddesses, women as warriors, care givers and more in the rich settings of aristocratic daily life. Dingare has been inspired by the traditional Maharashtrian jewellery piece ‘Nath’ or Nose pin and has created a unique contemporary and quirky style of artworks where the muse expresses emotions solely through their eyes, creating a visually captivating experience.

Oct 2023 – Kalpavriksha

Kalpavriksha was a group show of 7 immensely talented and respected artists who has created works around the central theme of Tree of Life. A variety of genres, styles and mediums will be on display as each artist has interpreted the concept in their own style, using mediums they love.

May 2023 – Sadiyaan

Sadiyaan, centuries – a show that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of India through its traditional and folk art forms. This is an art initiative to create awareness of these art forms some of which are dying and near extinction.

January 2023 – Realism Revisited

Realism Revisited – is an exhibition of paintings by 2 accomplished artists – Amit Srivastava & Duhita Samaiyar. Duhita Samaiyar has studied art at the prestigious Florence Academy of Art, Italy for 3 years and has been recognized on international forums such as the Art Renewal Centre in collaboration with Sotheby’s, the International Guild of Realism, Fine Art Connoisseur and American Art Collector Magazines. Amit Srivastava is an IITian who left his IT career to pursue his passion. He studied under master painter Anthony Ryder in the USA. His works have been selected at some of the most prestigious Art Competitions, featuring amongst some of the best contemporary realists in the world.

January 2023 – Drawn to Life

Drawn to Life – Prelude to Realism Revisited, a live portrait painting event by artists Amit Srivastava & Duhita Samaiyar.

November 2022 – Terra Verde

Terra Verde’, meaning Green Earth in Italian, is a solo show of artworks by artist Remya Kumar where she draws inspiration from the lush tropical feel of her homeland Kerala. Dense foliage in a myriad shapes, sizes and colours form beautiful compositions that invite the viewer into new worlds. The pandemic helped spur a change in artistic direction that the artist was longing for.

June 2022 – pUrva 2022

The much awaited Traditional and Folk Art event ‘pUrva 2022’ is back for the 3rd year.  This art show brings a curated selection of traditional and folk art from various parts of India including Pichwai, Pattachittra, Miniature, Mysore & Kalighat paintings.

May 2022 – Kalpa

Presenting Kalpa, a curated collection of works by artists Bodhi Selvam and A Mathew Raj around the central theme of a duration of time covering a complete cosmic cycle from the creation to the dissolution of a world system.

February 2022 – Nature’s Spell

Presenting ‘Nature’s Spell’ a solo show by artist Remya Kumar where she draws inspiration from the lush foliage of Kerala, her home state, as seen through her own unique and colourful lens. Dense foliage in myriad shapes, sizes and colours form beautiful compositions that invite the viewer into new worlds.

November 2021 – pUrva

Presenting ‘pUrva’ – a curated selection of traditional Indian folk art from various parts of India including Pichwai, Phad, Gond & Kalighat paintings. India has a rich tradition of Folk Art and art forms from various tribes and parts of the country.

March 2021 – Heritage Reflections

Presenting a curated selection of watercolour works by artist K Hiremath along with the live art by the artist.  Hiremath is ranked amongst the top 50 watercolour artists in the World. He is a recipient of several awards and accolades nationally and internationally. This is a solo exhibition showcasing a curated selection of artist’s paintings documenting his travels to 3 heritage sites in India and Nepal (Hampi, Banaras and Nepal). The artworks are more than mere reflections of the sites, capturing the very essence of the place and its people. The paintings invoke a strong sense of nostalgia through which you can almost smell the smells in the streets and feel the sunlight on your arms.

February 2020 – pUrva

A curated selection of Indian folk art including refined tanjores and pichwais by award winning artist Suvigya Sharma. The collection included Kalighat paintings by artists Rup Sona and Sumana. Based in a remote village close to Calcutta, this artist couple belong to a cluster of Kalighat artists that have been struggling to create a sustainable income for their survival. This exhibition was a celebration of the diversity of Indian Folk Art. Each art form has a unique blend of mediums, textures and subjects which have been mastered by artists over several generations.

October 2019 – Rare Reflections

Live show by artist JMS Mani

September 2019 – The Equanimity Project

The Equanimity Project is the culmination of a year long experience as to what stays and what leaves. And bowing down to the grace of acceptance. The lotus is revered as a symbol of equanimity in many faiths, thought to remain unaffected by all vicissitudes that comes in it’s way. The process of gathering, treating, pressing and drying parts of the lotus was a journey through an unknown terrain, innovating and creating new methods of building assemblages, following the gut and common sense. But the gut mostly. The assembly of the 19 compositions found it’s base on BFK Arches paper. The red thread winds through each piece. Balance.
The Equanimity Project is a collaboration between artist Padmaja Chandrasekhar and photographer Jayanarayanan Kakkara.

April 2019 – Avani 2019

An art exhibition showcasing works of 28 artists from across the country, acknowledging the 5 elements of nature, endangered species, and the environment, held from April 22nd – the International Mother Earth Day to June 5th – World Environment Day at Bangalore International Center. Avani 2019, a Rotary initiative to heal Bengaluru.

November 2017 – Prism of Nature

In today’s highly industrialised world, we have over exploited our natural resources. This has adversely affected our environment contributing to factors like global warming. ‘The Prism of Nature’ is a reflection on the many facets of Nature through works of art by 10 artists who believe in this cause.

January 2018 – Journey Envisioned

Journey Envisioned is the 58th Annual show by the Society of Contemporary Artists, Calcutta showcasing works by member artists like Aditya Basak, Lalu Prasad Shaw and Pradip Maitra.

September 2017 – Four by Shibu Arakkal

A photographic show interpreting the emotional journey of award winning artist Shibu Arakkal’s through the last four decades of his life.

August 2017 – Layers

A solo show by upcoming artist Padmaja Chandrasekhar. For the arta testimony to infinite evolution …the unending changes that make us whole. Layers involves constructing paintings and then deconstructing them. Reflecting the instinctive human inclination to constantly add or shed layers, cover up or strip bare.