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A live portrait painting session with 2 accomplished artists – Duhita Samaiyar and Amit Srivastava. Duhita Samaiyar has studied art at the prestigious The Florence Academy of Art, Italy for 3 years and has been recognized on international forums such as the Art Renewal Centre in collaboration with Sotheby’s, the International Guild of Realism, Fine Art Connoisseur and American Art Collector Magazines. Amit Srivastava is an IITian who left his IT career to pursue his passion. He studied under master painter Anthony Ryder in the USA. His works have been selected at some of the most prestigious Art Competitions, featuring amongst some of the best contemporary realists in the world.

Presenting ‘Realism Revisited’, an exhibition of paintings by 2 accomplished artists – Amit Srivastava & Duhita Samaiyar at MKF Museum of Art, 55/1, Isha Villa, Lavelle Road, Opp SodaBottleOpenerWala, Bangalore – 560001 from the January 28th, 2023 to February 5th, 2023