Formerly a hospitality professional, Sadhna is a self-taught art connoisseur with an unerring eye for great art. She has previously spent 2 decades in key positions in leading hotel chains and was Regional Head of a large media house. Her inherent marketing skills, honed in the service-driven hospitality industry, serve her excellently in her chosen profession of marketing and promoting artists and their creations. Post her corporate years, she spent three years acquiring first hand knowledge of the intricacies of the world of art before setting up her unique art consultancy. Which is, by itself, a fine testimony to her professional dedication. Deeply passionate about her work, Sadhna believes that artists deserve recognition, financial emancipation and the right to practice art with dignity.


Survika holds a Masters degree in Business Administration and has experience across sectors like banking, e-commerce and retail. Before joining Artenblu, she was Head of Human Resources and Operations in a retail company. She chanced upon a Van Gogh painting in the Museum of Modern Art in New York city and was struck by the realization that art can induce visceral-level emotions. Survika has completely embraced the vision of Artenblu and believes in creating a transparent model that supports the interests of artists.


Meghana is an engineer turned artist with a preference for watercolour painting. Apart from that, she enjoys crocheting and punch needling as well. After leaving the corporate world, she took a short-term course in visual arts at Chitra Kala Parishat and interned at a ceramic store which became a stepping stone in her artistic career. She is now working on enhancing her skills and knowledge while embracing the company’s vision of providing fair opportunities and a wider audience for artists. She is delighted to reconnect with her passion for art and nurture her artistic potential within the art community.


With a career spanning three decades in real estate development and designs in Chennai and Bangalore, Nirmala’s passion for interior design is grounded in a comprehensive knowledge of decor, architecture, engineering and logistical planning. She emphasises that the role of inner space is to create a flow of energy and elegance.


Geetha has done her Bachelors in Visual Arts at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore. After her foundation course, she majored in painting and art history and minored in screen printing and sculpture. Coming from the art stream, Geetha believes that art is a holistic approach to expressing and finding yourself. It is her vision to incorporate as much of art education as possible into the public schooling systems and is currently working as a fellow for teachforindia, trying to incorporate art as an unconventional teaching style. Geetha is an enthusiastic member of the Artenblu team, and works as an art consultant from Hyderabad.

International Sales Director

Based in Los Angeles, California, Preethi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a Master’s degree in Marketing & Public Relations. Preethi worked in the hospitality and public relations industries before co-founding InfoPro Solutions, Inc. With over 12 years of experience in Management and Finance and 6 years in Marketing and Public Relations, Preethi has returned to her love for art. She shares the organisation’s core belief that art belongs everywhere, and is committed to providing carefully curated artworks and personalized advisory services to art enthusiasts.


As an undergraduate student of English Literature and Art History, Evelyne developed a passion for 20th century art, particularly for Louise Bourgeois’ sculptures, Marcel Duchamp’s ‘readymades’ and Mary Cassatt’s portraits of mother and child. She also has a Master’s degree in Philosophy and Education from Columbia University, New York, and has been trained as a Montessori Teacher in Dublin. Evelyne is proud to be a part of the Artenblu team, interacting with both artists and clients in a supportive, ethical and transparent manner. She is committed to the idea of bringing art directly to the people, while avoiding the high cost of galleries.