Siddharth Shingade



NaamkLot No. ARan

36 x 36 inches (length x breadth)
Acrylic on Canvas
Lot No. AR-SS-003

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Siddharth Shingade

Siddharth Shingade is yet another powerful young figure on the Indian Art Scene who reminds us that the contemporary art that first had a global impact in the eighties is not only doing well, but also, going ahead. His art is rooted, in the Indian context, and universal in perspective.

Shingade is an artist who picks up the colours of the soil of his native Marathwada and fashions them into its people: farmers, herdsmen, labourers, and even those who share this heat and dust with them on the margins, the mendicants. What is most significant in his work is that he reminds us of where the livelihood of India flows, in its villages, in the woman who gave birth to its millions and its stark environment, without stereotyping and self conscious posturing.

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