Subrata Ghosh



Love in Nature

30 x 30 inches (length x breadth)
Mixed Media on Canvas
Figurative, Religious
Lot No. AR-SU-001

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Subrata Ghosh

Subrata Ghosh, a contemporary artist from Kolkata and an art graduate from Rabindra Bharati University. His art style is greatly influences by Indian classical art. The Ajanta figures and Gupta sculptures makes an imprint in his delineation of form. There is an element of three dimension, playing with duality of light and shade in his figuration. The floral elements, rhythmic plants and creepers, flying birds decorate the tranquil faces and figures in his. His paintings are assimilation of the two opposing approach – classicism and romanticism.

Ghosh works with acrylic on canvas. He applies colour layer after layer to arrive at his own chromatic structure, where white with little shade of yellow, cream and light grey gets prominence. This colour scheme helps him to create an environment of tranquillity and peace.

Ghosh has participated in several shows and art camps across India. He currently lives and works from Kolkata.

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