Sachin Kharat



Lady 3

24 x 36 inches (length x breadth)
Acrylic on Canvas
Lot No. AR-SK-024

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Sachin Kharat

In his paintings, Sachin Kharat showcases the inner & outer mysteries of the mind, body and beauty of women – his biggest inspiration. Her inner most expressions are brought out by use of colours and intricate detailing. Glimpses of Ajanta and Ellora, lotus, nymphs of Khajuraho, Buddha all can be seen in Kharat’s works. His paintings are culturally rooted with hints of the folklore of India. By celebrating the women, he reaches to the very depths of ancient India where women were revered and worshipped.

Kharat’s use of bright vibrant colours stands as a testimonial to the vibrancy of India’s culture. Yet the colours are not garish, but have a calm and soothing effect on the viewer’s senses. It is almost difficult for an observer to feel the aroma of the wreath of flowers in the painting.

Kharat currently lives and works in Maharashtra, India.

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