Sachin Deo


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Collage on Rice Paper 3

44 x 22 inches (length x breadth)
Collage on Rice Paper
Lot No. AR-SD-037

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Sachin Deo

Sachin Deo is a graduate of the Government Institute of Fine Arts, Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Deo’s art journey is a voyage of self-discovery. A journey to give form to the formless and expression to the inexpressible. He uses his intuition and imagination to move ahead in his quest. His ephemeral images engage the viewer in a silent discourse on the nature and spirit of transcendent reality. In the process he explores the causal relationship between the observer, observed and the act of observation itself as a thought in time. The past, present and future emerge as a flux of transitory shapes caught in overlapping layers of experience. Deo skilfully weaves a rich tapestry of symbolic forms out of rice paper, coloured thread, silver foil and even digital prints on different layers of thin cotton cloth to conjure up his sublime collages. They capture the essence of existential bliss, the divine ecstasy of floating in midstream from being to becoming. And in it lies the very supreme joy of creation.
Deo’s work has been showcased in several eminent shows and galleries in India.

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